Congress Should Defund DOJ to Stop Trump Attacks: Rep. Chip Roy

The Department of Justice has been “weaponized” by the Biden administration, and Congress must force changes there and at the Department of Homeland Security by withholding funding for those agencies, Rep. Chip Roy told “Fox News Sunday.”

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The Texas Republican said, “I will not vote for a continuing resolution or any funding for DHS or DOJ if we don’t get changes to both.”

He added, “I want the border secure. I want DOJ restored to following the rule of law. And we should use the power of the purse, which as James Madison wrote in Federalist 58, is the most powerful weapon against an over tyrannical executive branch that we see unfold right now before us.”

The congressman told Fox News, “We are funding for a bureaucracy that is at odds with the American people. We’re funding a DHS that doesn’t secure the homeland. We’re funding a DOJ that doesn’t enforce the rule of law. We’re funding a DOD [Department of Defense] that is more interested in being woke and having social engineering wrapped in a uniform than defending the United States.”

Roy also pointed out that with Fitch downgrading the U.S. credit rating, the way to get it raised again is for the government to stop “recklessly” spending money, to bring the level of overall spending back down to what it was before the coronavirus pandemic, and to “start getting us on a path to actual fiscal sanity.” 

Roy also insisted that the DOJ cannot be used to target a former president, as he said it is currently doing against former President Donald Trump.

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