‘COPS WON’T DO ANYTHING!’ Family Dollar Clerk Fights Off Shoplifters 9 Times in ONE DAY!

A fearless Family Dollar staffer was brutally beaten by a pair of would-be shoplifters in the lawless war zone known as the Bronx, New York.

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Mendine Kabore, 23, told the New York Daily News that shoplifting has become so regular that police officers won’t even respond to her calls.

At one point there were nine shoplifting incidents on just one day.

Should shoplifters have their fingers chopped off?

The Daily News reports that Ms. Kabore has been “cursed, spit at, threatened, punched and choked. The $17-an-hour assistant manager had her wig pulled off — and routinely wrestles dollar-store desperados who may well have picked the store shelves clean by now if it weren’t for her determination to stop them.”

The police usually arrive late, after the thieves have already made off with the goods, she lamented.

“I called them nine times that day. About nine different people,” Kabore told the Daily News. “It took 15 to 20 minutes [for police to show up].” Kabore was the victim of three other violent assaults that day.

A fourth woman spat at her. “People always do that,” Kabore said.

The other six calls were to report thefts from the store near E. 168th St. in Concourse Village. The store is only staffed with two people at the cash register.

NY Daily News

Kabore moved to New York City from Burkina Faso in 2019. She said you can identify a thief in Burkina Faso because “shop owners usually cut the finger off when they catch them.”

“When I see theft, I feel so bad. That stuff is not my stuff, yes, but I’m working here and I’m working here to go to school. If this stuff is not here, I’m not gonna get a job. If they close the store, I’m jobless. How am I going to pay my school?”

In the most recent attack, Kabore suffered minor injuries. She was treated and the following day she was back at work.

This is what happens when a city has progressive district attorneys who are soft on crime. You get lawlessness.

Maybe New York lawmakers should consider giving shop owners. permission to whack off the fingers of shoplifters? They’d have to be compassionate, of course. Perhaps one digit per violation? At least that way they will know if repeat offenders show up.

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