CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: Trans Kid Who Attacked Girls Facing Police Probe

DEVELOPING STORY: Shocking video has emerged of a boy who thinks he’s a girl brutally attacking a biological female student in an Oregon middle school.

The incident allegedly occurred at Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon.

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The video, which you can watch below, shows a large boy ambushing a smaller girl in the hallway of the school. He grabs the victim from behind and hurls her to the ground. Then, the boy begins pummeling the child.

Not a single student or adult tried to stop the attack.

“We demand justice for this young girl and an explanation how they’re going to prevent this boy from ever hurting another child,” the activist group Gays Against Groomers wrote on Twitter.

A woman wrote on Facebook that she knew the victim’s family and expressed righteous fury over what happened.

“I am outraged that this happened to my good friends daughter! This is completely unacceptable and the fact that the school is trying to keep this brutal attack quiet and has taken minimal disciplinary action is disgusting,” she wrote. “If the roles were reversed and the victim was this trans student this would be deemed a hate crime and there would be serious consequences. This was a planned hateful and utterly heinous CRIME Of assault and needs to be treated as such.”

Riley Gaines, the former NCAA swimmer who has become a pro-girl activist, says the young man in question has actually attacked other females. And the school district has reportedly done nothing to address the issue.

The school district told the Todd Starnes Show that they have alerted police and the incident is now under a criminal investigation.

An incident of violence against a student at Hazelbrook Middle School last week was recorded by students and has since been shared broadly on social media. This traumatic act was swiftly investigated by school administrators and turned over to law enforcement. The situation is now considered a criminal investigation.

It is important for the community to understand that all the individuals involved are minors including the victim, the originator of the assault, and the students recording and sharing this violent act. As minors, there are laws in place that protect their privacy. As this is a criminal investigation involving minors, no details will be provided to the public.

Students and adults contributed to the sharing of this recording that exposed minors who were directly and indirectly involved without consent. In addition, the sharing of this incident has spread across the country and beyond, inspiring false information and a focus and discourse on sexual identity. These acts have contributed to the trauma individuals and families are already experiencing.

The TTSD Board of Directors stands firm in our practice of holding those who commit acts of violence accountable as guided by Board policy. We are also united in upholding an educational environment that fosters inclusivity, diversity, and respect. We will not be distracted from our responsibilities of governing this vibrant school system by any form of harassment or bias. 

School District

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