D.C. Jail Refuses to Let Jan. 6th Rioter Have Communion Unless He Gets Vaccine, Rep. Greene Tells Starnes

The following is a partial transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Greene said that many of the inmates held since the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol are being treated worse than prisoners of war. She said one of the men was denied Communion unless he agreed to be vaccinated. Click here to download the full interview.

GREENE: Todd, I just want to tell you, when I walked in there, it was like walking in to see prisoners of war and these men came flooding out, running down the stairs to the common area and in the area, they’re being held in clapping, cheering, crying. They were just overwhelmed. It was like looking in the eyes of men that had lost hope and felt like everyone had forgotten about them. And it’s just as almost hard to find words and these men are charged. And you know, I’m one of those I’ve said all along thought I did not like the riot on January six, and I told them that there. I said I didn’t like what happened that day, but they’ve all been charged and they’re awaiting trial, but they’re being abused and they’re being abused and being held in a jail.

TODD: That is absolutely disgusting.

GREENE: And this jail should be shut down. The U.S. Marshals went into it. I think it’s been over a week ago and they’re writing a report, but their statement they released is the clear indication it should be shut down. And we’ve been told that when the marshals came into work and went to go inspect the jail, that they were taken to the general population area first, and we were told that they were told that the employees of the jail cleaned up the air, the rest of the other areas and the separate facility where the Jan. six defendants are so that it didn’t look as bad as it was. But the conditions are horrible. They’re malnourished. There’s human waste overflowing the toilet. One man’s toilet doesn’t work in his cell. He can’t even use his toilet. They’re not allowed to get haircuts and they’re not allowed to shave unless they’re vaccinated.

They’re they’re being refused religious services. One man told me he’s not allowed to have communion unless he gets vaccinated. They they need. They desperately need medical conditions. Some of them have serious issues going on. There’s an elderly man in there. One of the Jan. six defendants that has something very wrong with his circulatory system. His hand is completely purple and his thumb is turning black. It looks like he could possibly lose his hand if he doesn’t receive medical treatment and then the rest of the men and they are begging for him to get medical treatment.

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