Dad Calls Cops on Son Who Desecrated WW1 Memorial

I wrote in my new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?” that the problem with America is not in Washington, D.C. It’s in our homes.

Far too many moms and dads in this country have forgotten how to parent their children. They haven’t taught their kids right from wrong. Click here to read my book.

But that may be changing. Watch the video below for the full story. From New York City comes word that a father has turned his 16-year-old son over the police.


The father identified his son as one of the pro-Hamas rioters who vandalized a World War One Memorial in Central Park.

The Good Samaritan told police that his son needed to be held accountable.

The NYPD shared a photograph of the kid handcuffed to a bench. The Deputy Commissioner says it’s not a case of juvenile hijinks. It’s an act of desecration.

“The despicable vandalism we saw earlier this week on the WWI Memorial will not be ignored, and will not go unpunished,” Kaz Daughtry wrote on social media.

The high school junior is now facing felony charges for his behavior.

“These people are just nuts and violent,” resident Michael Skol told the New York Post.

“Burning the flag is anti-American. It’s stupid,” he added. “It definitively doesn’t help Palestinians or the peace process. These are people who are not in the tradition of believing America is a good place. It’s disgusting.”

I can’t even begin to imagine the agony this father is suffering – but he did the right thing. And hopefully, because of his parenting skills, his son will learn from this serious mistake and grow up to become a productive member of society. Otherwise, he could live the rest of his life as a vagabond protester living in a pup tent and reeking of body odor.

Did this father do the right thing by turning his son over to the police?

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