Dallas Church Honors Drag Queens During ‘Worship’ Service

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Dallas city leaders are facing outrage among citizens demanding to know why a taxpayer-funded recreational center was used for a perverse gay pride event that exposed children to grown men wearing see-through shorts and thongs.

Sara Gonzalez, of The Blaze TV, was a guest on my podcast today. She was at the event and provided shocking photographs and videos of what had been promoted as an “all ages” event.

She was especially disturbed by the placement teddy bears next to moldings of male genitalia. Listen to the full interview below:

“Why would the teddy bears — something that a child would gravitate towards — be right next to a mold of a male, just naked male body,” she said. “I mean, if they say they’re they’re not after the children, they’re not trying to indoctrinate, they’re not trying to do anything, why then put a child’s item right next to a naked male and female body? I have some questions about that.”

“You also saw some BDSM,” she said. “There was a BDSM vendor that was there as well, along with lube and males who were wearing see through shorts with thongs so you could see their bare rears walking around the park.”

She added, “And again, I just I would implore this community to tell me why, if you claim that your entire identity is not rooted in who you want to have sex with, why then is this? Every single festival I see that is supposedly family friendly. Are you including sexual innuendo? Everywhere you turn, it boggles the mind.”

The Cathedral of Hope also held a special “drag worship service” that featured the so-called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” Video of the service is posted below.

Also on the podcast today are Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) and Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT). Both lawmakers are members of the House Freedom Caucus and they are vowing to fight a continuing resolution. They said the line in the sand has been crossed.

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