DANGEROUS: Pro-Abortion Group Offers Bounty on Conservative Justices

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Democrats have unleashed predators to hunt down conservative members of the Supreme Court. 

A group called ShutDownDC is offering Americans $50 for confirmed public sightings of Justices Kavanaugh, Alito, Barrett, Thomas and Roberts. 

If the intel is accurate snitches will get a $200 bounty— cold hard cash. 

The other day a mob showed up at Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington. Not for the filet, but to harass Justice Kavanaugh. He was forced to exit through the back of the restaurant. 

ShutDownDC is not the first to call for the public shaming and bullying of conservatives. Congresswoman Maxine Waters once urged people to absolutely harass conservatives in grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was given the opportunity to condemn ShutDownDC’s threats, but she declined to do so. Watch what happened:

The Democrats are playing a dangerous and deadly game with these pro-abortion terrorists. 

In June a California man was accused of plotting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

We have to pray that ShutDownDC’s $200 bounty does not turn into blood money. 

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