DC So Dangerous Some Lawmaker Sleeping in Offices

Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) said on the Todd Starnes Show that it’s so dangerous in Washington, D.C. that some members of Congress are sleeping in their offices. Following, is a rush transcript of the conversation on Todd’s podcast. Click here to subscribe to the podcast.

TODD: I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us from the seventh Congressional District in the great state of Missouri, Congressman Eric Burlison. Congressman, I hope you’re doing well today.

BURLISON: [00:43:00] I’m doing great, Todd.

TODD: [00:43:02] You know, Congressman, before we jump into what’s happening with the McCarthy vote, this story last night where Congressman Cuellar was robbed at gunpoint right in front of the place where he lived. How dangerous is it in Washington?

BURLISON: [00:43:19] It’s very dangerous. I mean, it’s insane to even own a car in D.C. because wherever you park, it is going to cost you a fortune and it’s likely to get broken into and and you’re likely to get carjacked. So it’s a risk that a lot of members like myself are. You know, we’ve hunkered down in the Capitol building. And so for those people that think it, you know, it’s sometimes it’s a security calculation to actually sleep in your office.

TODD: [00:43:53] Is that right? You’re telling me that it’s so dangerous in Washington that some of these lawmakers are actually sleeping in their offices?

BURLISON: [00:44:00] Yeah, I mean, Todd, I don’t want to walk back and forth from an apartment in D.C. at night or in the morning, early morning to get to work. It’s not a safe environment.

TODD: [00:44:15] It’s shocking. I think I have to imagine people listening to this, congressman, are just dumbfounded that things are that bad in Washington, D.C.. I know Senator Mike Lee last night was tweeting that maybe it’s time to take back control of the district.

BURLISON: [00:44:32] It may be because the D.C. Council is a bunch of progressive leftists who I’m glad to hear that one of them is able to see firsthand that the crime problem exists. I hate that that actually happened, But hopefully it’ll change the minds and hearts.

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