Democrats Like Maxine Waters Want to See Looting, Police Cars Firebombed, says Ted Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said what we all know to be true — the Democrats love chaos and mayhem.

“In Minneapolis and all across the country, shop owners, cities are preparing for violent riots,” Cruz said during an interview on Fox News Channel. “And there are Democrats like Maxine Waters who are encouraging; they want to see more stores looted. They want to see more police cars firebombed. They want to see the violence because they think it serves their political ends.”

“The dirty little secret is as bad as Maxine Waters comments were; they’re not an outlier in the Democratic party,” Cruz added. “You have Democrats encouraging this violence.”

“For example, the last time we had riots all across the country, Kamala Harris raised money for the bail to bail out the violent protestors who were committing these acts of violence, and today’s Democratic Party has decided that violence can benefit their politically.”