Drag Queen Exposes Private Parts During High School Show

A man wearing white lace panties allegedly exposed his private parts during a drag show performance and workshop at a Massachusetts high school.

The drag performance was for students as young as seventh grade at Sutton High School and it enraged parents. Click here to join my private Facebook group for Christians and Conservatives.

“What life skills are we teaching these kids — how to be a drag queen?” one parent asked school board members.

The performance was set to music from “Mean Girls” and afterwards there was nearly an hour-long presentation on other groups that support “queer kids.”

“The kids could see under the skirt and then (the drag queen) proceeded to do cartwheels,” the parent said. “You can see panties. I don’t think it’s age appropriate.”

Libs of Tik Tok first reported about the incident featuring a drag queen engaged in a sexually-themed performance for students and staff.

According to school leaders the performance was part of a conference that in part promoted Worcester Pride, the local LGBT organization.

I write about the sexual revolution taking place inside America’s taxpayer-funded classrooms in my book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?” It is nefarious, perverted and criminal. And the question we should be asking is why are the drag queens so determined to gain access to our children? One word: grooming. Click here to read my book.

Instead of apologizing, the school district defended the sexually-provocative drag show.

“A tolerant society respects differences, acknowledges similarities, understands the benefits of multiple perspectives and creates community. These are all elements of a functional democracy,” the district wrote in a statement to parents.

So don’t be surprised of the next conference at Sutton High School includes workshops on how to be a stripper or a gigolo.

All that to say, homeschool your children. And click here to read my book – endorsed by President Trump.

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