Elderly Trump Supporters Hit By Antifa Vandals

An elderly Michigan couple who said they are supporters of former President Trump were the victims of a heinous act of vandalism.


Sophia and Edgar Russell, of Lansing, say they woke up on Thursday morning to discover that their home and their vehicles had been heavily damaged by unknown thugs.

Is President Biden's anti-GOP rhetoric putting conservatives in danger?

“You fight for this country and a lot of vets like me have agent orange and can hardly move or do stuff anymore this is a beautiful country. People are good, you get a couple of something like this but that doesn’t define everybody,” Edgar, a Vietnam War veteran, told television station WLNS.

The words ‘ANTIFA TARGETING ALL TRUMP NAZI SCUM’ were spraypainted on the driveway.

Meanwhile, the white spray paint on one of the cars said ‘Trump Lost’ and ‘ANTIFA REVENGE.’

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The other car had red paint that said ‘PIG’ and white spray paint that said ‘TRUMP NAZI SCUM.’

“I want them off how one has seen my car back to normal that is ugly. I still can’t believe it. It just seems like it must be a bad dream,” Sophia told FOX17. “This says ANTIFA revenge. How are they getting revenge against my husband and I? It doesn’t make sense unless they think we represent a whole group of Trumpsters.”

Tudor Dixon, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, blamed Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her supporters.

“A retired couple in Lansing had their cars and property vandalized by the tolerant people of ANTIFA because the couple supports President Trump,” Dixon said. “Another example of the radical left’s “fight like hell” tactics, courtesy of Gretchen Whitmer.”

It’s important to remember the context of this Michigan hate crime.

Last Month President Biden declared war on President Trump and his supporters during a chilling speech that was delivered in front of Independence Hall, bathed in blood red lighting.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Biden declared as two Marines stood by his side.

In other gatherings he referred to half of the nation as “semi-fascists” and terrorists.

President Biden unleashed very dangerous people to hunt down and terrorize conservatives.

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