FAKE NEWS: Florida Mayor Faces Backlash After Calling Tragic Accident an act of Anti-Gay Terrorism

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Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with News and Commentary next.

One of the things I’ve learned over my many years of being a journalist is to withhold judgment on a story – until all of the facts are clear.

Especially when it comes to breaking news.

There’s always a rush to judgment – and without fail – the story always changes.

Over the weekend – a guy drove his truck into a crowd gathered for a Gay Pride parade in Fort Lauderdale.

One man was killed, another critically injured.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis immediately condemned the incident as a terrorist attack against gay people.

He said it was deliberate and premeditated. He said the driver was intentionally targeting Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

But now we know that was not true.

Police say the driver of the truck was actually a part of the parade – a member of the gay men’s chorus.

The crash – police say – was a tragic accident.

Ironically, the only terrorism committed was by the mayor – by spreading unfounded rumors.

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