Family Sells Texas Barbecue Joint Because of Illegal Alien Crime Wave

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The Wagon Wheel in Eagle Pass, Texas is a traditional barbecue joint.

Brisket served by the pound. Sausage and sides. No frills just good food.

Run by the Price family for 25 years.

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“I worked alongside my father for 19 years,” Selena Buentello Price told Fox News. “One break-in in 25 years. From February to now, I’ve had five.”

“Not only has my business been broken into and ransacked—it’s just the insecurity now, you don’t feel safe at home anymore,” she added.

Mrs. Price blames the surge in crime on illegal aliens. A full-blown invasion.

Since October nearly 400,000 illegals have crossed the border into Eagle Pass. Finding shelter in local businesses – like the Wagon Wheel.

How big of a problem is our open border?

“Once they are processed — I literally see busloads on a daily basis — they’re just released, and they find sanctuary in anything that’s abandoned or not,” she told Fox. “What I had that I valued — that not only had sentimental value, but had actual monetary value — has depreciated thanks to the mess, the trash, the vandalism.”

The breaking point came when Mrs. Price encountered a burglar in her restaurant. And that’s when she decided to sell.

Price said that she and her 29-year-old daughter keep pistols in their bedrooms due to the number of migrants she sees crossing through her ranch on a regular basis. 

“You’re worried because you think of the worst-case scenarios,” Price said. “And that takes your peace.”

The Price family was just trying to claim their American dream.

Just like the people who live in Martha’s Vineyard.

But nobody showed up to cover the crisis in Eagle Pass. The rich, white liberals seemed unconcerned about the plight of folks like Selina Price.

The Democrats seem to think there should be sanctuary for the illegals, but not for American pit masters.

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