FBI Investigates Shooting That Nearly Struck GOP Candidate’s Children

The FBI is reportedly investigating a shooting into the home of the parents of Republican  House candidate Pat Harrigan when his children were there asleep.

The Oct. 18 shot into the parents’ home reportedly came just a few feet from where the GOP North Carolina candidate’s children were sleeping.

Harrigan was reportedly not there at the time, but the incident comes amid heightened threats in a contentious midterm election that could flip the balance of power in the House and Senate to Republican leadership.

Are you concerned that conservatives are being targeted?

Harrigan, a U.S. Army Green Beret veteran, is running against Democrat Jeff Jackson, a major in the North Carolina National Guard, who has served as a state senator since 2014.

“Jeff Jackson’s politics lead to rising inflation, economic ruin, & rampant crime – including political violence,” Harrigan tweeted, linking to the report on the shooting incident from The Carolina Journal.

“My mission is a better economy, less inflation & safe streets. A bullet & death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission.”

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Crime has been a fundamental piece of the Republican platform for years, particularly as Democrats have gotten behind such things as defund efforts and more regulation on use of force.

The report of the FBI getting involved in the investigation, which remains unsolved, comes from WBT News, reported Brett Jensen.

“The FBI is investigating a shooting at Republican congressional candidate Pat Harrigan’s home in October,” Jensen’s tweet read, before The Carolina Journal updated its story to note it was Harrigan’s parents’ home, but the candidate’s kids were sleeping there that night. “His children were inside the house at the time & feet from the shooting.”

The Journal report posted a photo of the bullet hole through the clear glass window of the home.

“A bullet lodged into the wall/ceiling some 20 feet from where his children were,” Jensen added in another tweet. “As I reported, the FBI is doing ballistic tests.”

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