Feds Tracked Man Traveling to Funeral in DC Area on J6

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A man flying to the Washington, D.C.-area for a family funeral on January 6, 2021 was tracked by federal agents, according to Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). Biggs was a guest on Todd’s national show. Watch below or read the transcript below.

TODD: Military News reporting that the administration tracked all Americans who traveled on January the 6th. The amount of spying on the American people is insane.

REP. BIGGS: Well, think about it. One of the most egregious or humorous or sickest was that a guy got his data, his telecom data looked at into. And what was he in the area for? His relative’ss funeral that day. And so this is the kind of mass surveillance. And they were doing it to people who might have been sympathetic to BLM. They were these federal policing agencies have gone overboard and they can’t understand why we want to rein them in. I mean, they tell me all the time, Randy, we’re you know, don’t you want to be safe? And I say everybody wants to be safe, but they also want their freedoms protected. I hear you guys are abusing their freedoms.

TODD: Congressman, we got about 60s here. I’m curious. The guy who was who had to go to the funeral, how did he find out the government was tracking him?

REP. BIGGS: I’m not sure that he did. I mean, we saw I saw this in reports that we had here. That’s that’s how I saw.

TODD: So the air marshals or the FBI, whoever was behind all of this, they were actually keeping notes on where these people were going and what they were up to?

REP. BIGGS: Yeah, that’s exactly right. And so they diverted they diverted the marshals away from their normal jobs and occupation to look at that. And don’t forget, we also have heard that that other federal police agencies moved people off of things like child sex trafficking cases and moved them to go after and look for January 6th. People who were in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, whether they did anything wrong or not. That’s how skewed and political this thing has become.

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