HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT: Fight Breaks Out At North Carolina Gas Station Amid Fuel Shortage

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There was hand-to-hand combat reported at a North Carolina gas station amid the gas shortage.

According to WRAL, at a local gas station in Knightdale, a man and a woman got into a fight while trying to get gas in response to the recent gas shortage across the southern states.

It appears that a woman hit a man’s car after trying to pull up to the pump. The witness that took a video of the incident said that the woman tried to cut through the long line. She then proceeded to get out of her car and spit on the driver of the car she hit.

Afterward, the man then gets out of his car and spits on his aggressor. That turned out to be a mistake because fists started flying upon this act.

In the video that was put out on Instagram, the woman rips the man’s shirt and he ended up throwing her phone into traffic. Joe Fisher for WRAL has reported on Twitter that the woman has been charged with simple assault and the man has been charged with assault on a female and damage to personal property.