Gays Win Fight Over Seattle Nudist Park

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The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department had a choice: build a playground for children or accommodate gay people who engage in buck naked public nudity. They chose buck naked nudity.

City leaders have scrapped plans to build a playground at Denny Blaine Park. The park is a gathering place for gay people who take part in nude sunbathing – among other things.

It’s not against the law to run around in public in your birthday suit in Seattle – although for some people it should be.

The LGBT community became enraged and warned they would not be pushed out of the park.

“It’s hard to even come up with a different reason beyond the one that feels most obvious, which is that this is someone trying to shut down the nude beach,” 30-year-old Milo Kusold told the Seattle Times. “If you have a person who’s not in the community showing up with their kids, and there are people around who are naked, they’re probably going to call the cops. This is kind of the weaponization of children to try to exclude or harm the queer community. This is just another example.”

A petition drive to keep children out of the park had garnered nearly 10,000 signatures.

“I’m a Black transgender man and a homeowner in the city. Denny Blaine is the only park that I feel safe to swim in,” Vince Reiman, a Seattle native, told LGBTQ Nation. “When I transitioned, I thought that I would never be able to swim in Lake Washington again… Denny Blaine is my miracle.”

They say it’s important to have a nude beach for the gay community because they need to be able to freely express their identities away from suppression.

They argued that putting a playground at the beach would put nudists at-risk of being accused of indecent exposure.

“After hearing from many community members who participated in the community process on the proposed play area project at Denny Blaine Park, Seattle Parks and Recreation has decided not to move forward with the play area project at Denny Blaine,” they wrote in a statement. “While this area of our city still lacks accessible play equipment for kids and families, we understand the feedback that this particular park is not the best location, and we will evaluate other location alternatives.”

Sodom and Gomorrah, people. Sodom and Gomorrah.

It’s all probably for the best, though. Do you really want your children cavorting with buck-naked men on the monkey bars?

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