Georgia Legislator Arrested As Gov. Kemp Signs Voting Law; WH ‘Deeply Concerned’

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Democratic Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon was arrested and charged with felony obstruction Thursday, upsetting the Biden administration.

“I think anyone who saw that video would have been deeply concerned by the actions that were taken by law enforcement to arrest her,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday. “The largest concern here … is the law that was put into place.”


Cannon was detained after repeatedly knocking on Gov. Brian Kemp’s door, while he was signing a voting reform bill into law during a closed-door session.

“Stop! Where are you taking me,” Cannon shouted as officers escorted her through the halls of the Georgia state Capitol.

Georgia Sate Patrol said in a statement they advised Cannon she was disturbing what was going on inside the office and if she did not stop, she would be placed under arrest.

Captured on camera, Cannon can be seen applying hand sanitizer before resuming the knocking.

Police arrested her and moved her to the Fulton County Jail and charged her with obstruction of law enforcement, a felony, and preventing or disrupting General Assembly session or meetings of members, a misdemeanor.

Georgia Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock expressed their support following her arrest.

“I stand with Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon, who was arrested and CHARGED WITH A FELONY for … for what?” Ossoff tweeted. “For *knocking on Gov. Kemp’s office door* as she tried to observe the cowardly closed-door signing ceremony for the voter suppression law.”

Warnock visited Cannon at the jail with a crowd.


“Today is a very sad day for the state of Georgia,” he told CBS 46. “What we have witnessed today is a desperate attempt to lock out and squeeze the people out of their own democracy.”

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