GOBBLED UP: NYC Illegals Cut in Line for Free Thanksgiving Meals

Low-income housing residents in New York City missed out on some of their government- and community-funded Thanksgiving meals after recently-arrived migrants cut the line and consumed the limited resources, according to interviews with FOX 5 New York.

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“We have to take the butt of everything,” Georgia Butler, a NYC Housing Authority resident in Queens, told the local news outlet. “This community here is already suffering.”

Expressing frustration, Butler said asylum seekers were the first in line for turkey dinner last week.

“They tell you to be there at 11 o’clock. You get there at like 10:30, 10:45, but they are already out there. The line is from over there to over here,” Butler told the TV outlet, WNYW.

NYCHA, North America’s largest public housing authority, was founded in 1935 for low- and middle-income New Yorkers and currently provides housing to over 500,000 authorized residents, according to its government website.

As the city’s migrant crisis continues to hamper the availability of government resources, “NYCHA tenants find themselves fighting over food with the newly arrived asylum seekers,” Fox 5 noted, adding that residents of Queensbridge Houses have witnessed over 8,000 migrants move into their local neighborhood and drain their limited supplies.

“A month ago, one altercation got so heated between a resident and a migrant, that someone ended up in the hospital,” the outlet described.

A Democrat city council member recently alerted NYC Mayor Eric Adams that the community food situation is running dry and described how “people are going hungry right now.”

The Big Apple’s migrant crisis has been more extreme than any of the top cities where asylum seekers land, with taxpayers on track to be charged $40,000 per migrant, according to a New York Post data analysis from September. The study also found that over 125,000 migrants headed to the city’s five boroughs between April 2022 and July 2023, citing zip code data from U.S. Customers and Border Protection.

Should illegals be given preferential treatment over American citizens?

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