GREGG JARRETT: Kissing on Lips Without Consent is a Crime. Cuomo Faces Legal Jeopardy

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Fox News Contributor and best-selling author Gregg Jarrett said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in legal jeopardy over sexual harassment allegations.

CUOMO: And it’s not just that he lied and falsified data about the nursing home deaths and his reckless decision to send Covid infected patients into the nursing homes and then covering it up.

But the most recent accusations of persistent sexual harassment unwanted physical touching is really abhorrent and contemptible and disgraceful, and by his own standard, previously announced, he should resign.

Of course, I doubt very much he will do that. He is entitled to due process, and he’ll be getting that with the state attorney general’s investigation into workplace sexual harassment and potential crimes.


And by the way, you know, Todd, under New York law, indecent contact involving groping someone’s intimate parts without consent – that is a crime penal code. Section 130.

Forcibly touching the intimate parts of another person – that includes fondling and groping and also under New York law, kissing someone on the lips without consent. That is also forcible touching. It’s also the crime of harassment.

And so, you know, Andrew Cuomo is in legal jeopardy. He may be protected somewhat by the antiquated statute of limitations, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a criminal investigation as well as a civil rights investigation by the state Attorney General, which is ongoing,

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