HATE CRIME! Violent Mob Drives Around Los Angeles Attacking Jews

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Jews are being hunted on the streets of Los Angeles and that should terrify every freedom-loving patriot. This is Ilhan Omar’s America.

“A group of Palestinians, about 30 of them, jumped out of a car and asked who was Jewish,” one eyewitness said. “Two guys said they were and they proceeded to beat them up.”

Several Jews were brutally attacked at a sushi restaurant west of downtown. Starnes Media Group posted video of the attacks below.

Video footage of the attack posted to social media shows a group attacking at least two people outside the Sushi Fumi restaurant in the city’s Beverly Grove neighborhood, west of downtown Los Angeles.


A video capturing part of the Tuesday night attack shows people in a caravan of cars flying Palestinian flags yelling, “F— you” and “You guys should be ashamed of yourselves” as they drive by the restaurant.

Mayor Eric Garcetti wrote on Twitter that there was “no place for anti-Semitism, discrimination, or prejudice of any kind in Los Angeles. And we will never tolerate bigotry and violence in our communities.”

City Councilman Paul Kortez, who has represented the neighborhood on the 15-member panel, called both attacks “unconscionable.”

“We will never allow for anyone to strike fear into our hearts because we are Jews,” he said in a statement. “We are not going to allow the violence in the Middle East to spill out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

“Everyone is entitled to express their opinion but never through violence,” he added. “Pro-Palestinian protesters cannot be allowed to viciously assault random people on the street because they happen to look or be Jewish.”

This is why it is absolutely imperative for every freedom-loving Christian to stand publicly alongside our Jewish countrymen.

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