Hundreds of Muslims Chant, ‘Allah Akbar’ at Time Square, Pro-Hamas Rally

Hundreds of Muslims converged in Times Square, the Crossroads of the World, to declare their allegiance to Islam. The massive crowd chanted, “Allah Akbar” as they publicly affirmed their support of the Hamas terrorists who beheaded babies and burned Israeli children alive.

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“This is the correct religion. This is the religion that all of humanity needs to be upon – Islam,” one speaker declared. “And we will not stop until it enters every home.”

It’s hard not to think about the hundreds of Israelis who were slaughtered when followers of Islam entered their homes.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a far-left Democrat, condemned the rally. He said the protesters were “spreading hate” and he found it “Deeply troubling this group of extremists express support for terrorism.”

The New York chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations blasted the mayor.

Mayor Adams abuses his authority by referring to New Yorkers participating in the interfaith and intersectional demonstration in solidarity for Palestinian self-determination, protection and sovereignty as ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists.’

“Not only does Mayor Adams’ reckless rhetoric cater to a one-sided agenda, but blatantly undermines the constitutional right of all Americans to protest and engage in free speech. Mayor Adams’ irresponsible response and name-calling fuels Islamophobic rhetoric.   

“With this verbal intimidation, Mayor Adams threatens demonstrators, promotes division and hatred, and calls for potential violence towards those who uplift the voices of the colonized and oppressed populations.” 


For what it’s worth, we should take the Muslims at their word. They really do want global domination. And that’s a dangerous thing for Christians and Jews. We are on the verge of being conquered.

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