Hunter’s Laptop: 120,000 ‘Deleted’ Emails Recovered

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The conservative activist who gave lawmakers and news outlets Hunter Biden’s laptop says he has recovered more than 120,000 deleted emails, 80,000 images and a huge cache of new data from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Jack Maxey, who previously worked as a researcher for the “War Room” podcast run by Steve Bannon, told the Daily Mail he recently fled from the U.S. to Switzerland, fearing retaliation from the White House.

“I came here (to Zurich) so that we could do a forensic examination of Hunter’s laptop safely in a country that still respects human liberty and the ideals of liberal democratic principles,” he told DailyMail.com.

The publication said he plans to post all the content online in a searchable database in the coming weeks.

Another source tells Newsmax the newly recovered emails are “shocking and could bring down Washington as we know it.”


“I do not believe this would have been possible inside the United States,” Maxey told the Daily Mail. “We had numerous attempts on us from trying to do things like this there.”

Hunter Biden has had reported financial ties not only to Ukraine and Russia — two countries at war — but also to China, a superpower backing Russia.

The New York Times and Washington Post last month reversed course and acknowledged that emails drawn from his laptop were authentic, nine months after they obtained them and two years after intel experts called the info dump disinformation.

The Times reported that Hunter Biden is now the subject of an active federal grand jury in Delaware probing his business and tax transactions.

Maxey also said the FBI failed to enter the laptop it got from computer repairman Mac Isaac into evidence for months.

“They essentially declared in their ‘best opinion’ – you notice how they always use weasel words – that this is a fabrication of elves in the basement of the Kremlin,” Maxey said.

“Still to this day, I can’t understand how (Leon) Panetta, (James) Clapper, (Michael) Hayden and (John) Brennan declared it to be a fabrication.”

The “cover-up” of the laptop, he added, is a bipartisan problem and should be investigated,” he said, telling the Daily Mail of intimidating black SUVs outside his home and strange calls since he contacted the publication last year.

“Very dear friends of mine, the sharp tip of the spear, were making welfare calls to me every day, basically to see if I was still alive,” he told the publication.

“We have an election coming up in the fall. And my prayer is that every member of the United States House and Senate who are running for office this year get replaced – Republicans and Democrats. We need to take back the country.”

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