“I Don’t Think They Intended to Kill Anybody.” – Fox’s Juan Williams Defends Teen Carjackers in DC

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OPINION: Fox News Channel’s Juan Williams comes to the defense of the two black teenage thugs who carjacked a Pakistani grandfather, tasered the man, dragged his body down a street in Washington, D.C. and left him to die.

One of the girls walked around the dead man’s body demanding that someone retrieve her cell phone from the wrecked car.

“I don’t think they intended to kill anybody,” Williams said on The Five. “They were looking to have a joy ride.”

Watch the crime as it unfolded below and you decide if the two teenage thugs were just out for a joy ride.

They took a man’s life and they should pay the ultimate price for their crime.

And let’s be honest – if two white teenage thugs and done the same thing to a black driver, there would’ve been wall-to-wall news coverage and President Biden would’ve called for a national conversation on race relations.