‘I WILL KILL THEM!’ California Business Owners Fed Up With Robbers

The owners of business around Oakland, California have a message for would-be robbers: you will be shot. Watch the story above.

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At least six businesses have been hit in just the past week, according to one local business association. And many are frustrated that police and local elected leaders are not doing enough to protect their stores.

A staffer at MSM Jewelry Store opened fire after masked robbers raided the store with guns drawn.

“They told me don’t move, or we’ll shoot. So I started shooting at them because they had the guns pointed at me,” the unnamed worker told television station KTVU. “They were shooting back. It was going back and forth for like 20 seconds.”

He said the men fired about 20 shots.

Should business owners be able to use force to protect their stores?

“And then I ducked, right, and then I waited to see him like scrambling. The other guy was still shooting. And then I popped my head out and shot about seven more,” he said.

The stunned robbers reversed course and ran out of the store. One of the thugs left behind a shoe and another was believed to have been shot in the shoulder. That man was also hit by his own getaway car.

The television station reports that the store worker was not cited by police.

“They said, ‘You did the right thing.’ They said, ‘You followed – you did everything right.’ They said we’re just going to take your guns until the investigation’s done, but I have more,” he said.

And the young worker issued a warning for other would-be criminals.

“If you come back again, try to do the same thing, we’re just going to defend ourselves. At this point, you have to,” he said.

Sam Jebril told NBC News that when burglars broke into his gas station he called 911 — only to get a busy signal.

“Basically, there is no law and order in this town. The criminals are running the show,” said Jebril. “The criminals are running the show.”

Daniel Swafford, the director of a local business association said small business owners are suffering as a result of the crime wave.

“Having this brazen sense that they can do whatever they want, anytime they want,” Swafford said. “And businesses are reeling from it. We just need to live safe. We need to live without fear to do business,” said Wahed Alsaidi, whose auto shop was targeted a few months ago.”

Jebril told NBC News that he will no longer be a victim and if the city won’t act — he will.

“Shoot them,” Jebril said. “I’m well armed. Legally armed. And I promise you, somebody step foot, try to do something, I will kill the. Because the city won’t do anything about it. I will do something about it. There’s no other choice for me to do.”

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