Illegals Demand Housing, Paid Job Training

Illegal aliens in Chicago are demanding housing and job training at the expense of American taxpayers. The illegals staged a protest in the Windy City which went viral on Twitter. The illegals were holding signs, written in English, demanding “paid job training” and “better housing.”

Other signs called for “safe food and water.” And another protester held a sign that read, “You promised us safe living conditions, but our rights have been violated.” Click here to sign up for Todd’s America First newsletter for original stories and breaking news.

Thousands of illegals are being housed in Chicago police precincts, public buildings, schools and O’Hare International Airport.

As many as 17,000 illegals were shipped to the Windy City from the southern border. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has drawn praise for his decision to send the illegals to sanctuary cities like Chicago.

Many of Chicago’s black citizens are enraged over City Hall’s plan to dump illegals in their neighborhoods. Some are even calling on the mayor to enforce border security around the Chicago city limits.

“The thing that we’re most concerned about is our children, our Black children, the football, the soccer, and all the things that they do, and trying to be constructive citizens. And now they’re going to take this part beautiful part and give it to migrants,” resident Brooksy Cribs told CBS News. “Don’t get me wrong, I understand the situation, but that’s not on us.”

“They disrespect us, rob us, harass us,” said one outraged citizen. “We’re gonna take over. Nobody is gonna be able to stop us from what we’re gonna to do them.”

Alderman Ray Lopez, a Democrat, slammed the mayor for the growing crisis.

“Migrant asylum-seekers are now using their vehicles to block streets, perform sex acts and otherwise disrupt life in communities where this behavior wasn’t the norm. To make matters worse, residents now feel that their only recourse is to take action against the migrant asylum-seekers. This is not the time for vigilantism — it is the time for you to step up and act,” he demanded of the mayor.

It’s quite a list of grievances that the invading horde of illegals have thrust upon the Chicago taxpayers. Perhaps they might be better off finding jobs and housing on the other side of the border?

It’s hard to feel sympathy for the citizens of Chicago. They are the ones responsible for turning their town into a sanctuary for illegals. And if one of the largest cities in the nation can’t handle 17,000 illegals, how in the world can we expect the small border towns to handle hundreds of thousands of invaders?

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