INSANE: Florida Mom Fights Middle School Student With Boxing Glove

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A Florida mother showed up at her daughter’s middle school, but it wasn’t for career day.

Edith Riddle, 34, is accused of attacking a student at the school. The Jacksonville mom has now been arrested for child abuse, and the victim’s parents are pressing criminal charges.


Riddle’s daughter, who goes to Dupont Middle School, wasn’t just an innocent bystander to the situation, either.

Originally, the mom had been at the school for a meeting with the vice-principal on March 18, but the visit quickly escalated outside the cafeteria.

When a security officer arrived at the scene, Riddle was allegedly fighting with a female student with a boxing glove on. Her daughter joined in and threw several punches at the girl as well.

What made this seemingly random incident even more bizarre was that KVUE reported that the mother said the boxing glove had been super glued to her wrist and she couldn’t take it off.

The female student suffered some bruises from the attack, but thankfully there are no other known injuries.