Jacksonville Removes Monument Honoring Confederate Women

The mayor of Jacksonville, Florida ordered crews to remove a monument honoring women of the Confederacy. Welcome to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

The “Tribute to the Women of the Southern Confederacy” monument had been in Springfield Park since 1915.

Mayor Donna Deegan said the decision to tear down the monument is not an attempt to erase history but to show that people have learned from it.

“Symbols matter. They tell the world what we stand for and what we aspire to be,” Deegan said in a statement.

“By removing the confederate monument from Springfield Park, we signal a belief in our shared humanity. That we are all created equal. The same flesh and bones. The same blood running through our veins. The same heart and soul”

Deegan’s predecessor, Mayor Lenny Curry, ordered the removal of another monument, a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier that had been in a downtown park for more than 100 years.

The “offensive” statue featured a woman holding her two children.

The Associated Press reported “the move came weeks after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer and on the heels of marches and other calls for social justice.”

Deegan, a Democrat, is what I call a culture jihadists — destroying our history and heritage much like the Islamic radicals do when they invade a country.

Florida Rep. Dean Black, chair of the Republican Party of Duval County, posted on social media that the monument’s removal was a stunning abuse of power.

“This action, undertaken in the middle of the night, during the holidays, without consultation of city leaders or a vote by the council, is another in a long line of woke Democrats obsession with Cancel Culture and tearing down history,” Black said.

It’s 1984 all over again.

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