Jan 6th Protesters Are ‘Political Prisoners,’ Rep. Norman Tells Starnes

The following is a partial transcript from Todd’s interview with Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC). Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: [01:00:28] On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. Congressman Ralph Norman, Congressman, big big controversy yesterday with this Jan. 6th committee and these text messages between Mark Meadows and Don Trump Jr. and the Fox News host. Any concerns that that that you see coming out of those text messages?

REP. NORMAN: [01:00:49] Well, I think Mark was right in not comply. I think he tried to and this is a dog and pony show. They’re trying to keep the focus on Trump making him the main issue. They’re trying to draw in everybody he had, you know, privileges that he just didn’t want to disclose from the president and rightfully so. Will it be instant the vote that we take in the House? Probably when we go to go to vote today, but it doesn’t shock me. You know, Pelosi and her crowd are intent on keeping the focus on this. The sad part is the people, the 50, some people who have been basically held hostage for a year now without a trial, without charges, without releasing the video, which is it’s un-American and it’s just another overreach by the socialist left.

TODD: [01:01:37] Would you call those people at this point, political prisoners?


REP. NORMAN: [01:01:42] Absolutely. What else could it be? Todd, I mean, the fact that you and I understand that the only time they’ve let anybody see it, see them is when Louie Gohmert went in. And I’m not sure yet a few others, but they’ve been denying anybody to see them and understand some of the elderly people need medical help, which they’ve denied. This is this is a politicization of political prisoners, and it’s un-American. I mean, if you have a traffic ticket, you have a right to a trial and these people to be here without, you know, against their will. They can’t hire attorneys, they can’t put up a defense. This is what happens in Cuba and Venezuela.

TODD: [01:02:19] That’s what concerns me, and I know we’ve had a Marjorie Taylor Greene on. She’s taken up this cause and some of the, you know, describing some of the conditions in the jail. It is. It’s just beyond understanding why those people are still incarcerated. You’ve got Black Lives Matter terrorists that are out on the streets, and they were literally trying to burn down federal buildings and and engage in brutal fights with police. It makes no sense,

REP. NORMAN: [01:02:47] though, and for the vice president to put up bond money and to support non-cash basis to do away with with bonds is amazing. You look at the destruction they did, you know, the Press Herald reported, as you know, as peaceful protests look at the up to 30 cities that were basically burned to the ground. Look at the businesses that they’re going to lose income for the town. They’re not in business, not to mention the dollars that they’re going to have to put up to rebuild in their individual buildings for no fault of their own. And yet, you know, you have these insurrectionists, which I would argue that’s not the terminology for what happened. We were there. I was there on January six. What the people did to go in was not right. They didn’t burn the place down. They didn’t try to overthrow the government as a definition of interaction is and it really is.


TODD: [01:04:36] You know, congressman, I want to circle back. Just do you know, have you guys been given a number of political prisoners that are being held

REP. NORMAN: [01:04:45] from what I understand or what Louie Gohmert, who went in, there’s like 56. I think it’s under 60. But, you know, hopefully it’s not more than 60, but I understand 56 to 60.

TODD: [01:04:59] That’s just unacceptable. We’ve got to get those people out. They should be allowed to post bond. And at this point, they should. I mean, they I mean, there are people that give it and far worse crimes in America that have been able to get out of jail.

REP. NORMAN: [01:05:13] Yeah. Look at what they’re suffering. And as I mentioned, some need medical care. I understand from congressman government. One elderly man has got a broken hand set on its own because of not getting an orthopedic surgeon to look at it. You know, again, this is what happens in the communist run countries that and how they get to Washington, D.C. allows. This is amazing. You’re going to see a a push now to get these people out by a lot of different people. Marjorie Taylor has done a good job, but you have others that are going to try to get the job done to get them at least out and, you know, entitled to get their lawyers and to have a trial, which is the basis of our constitution.

TODD: [01:05:56] Well, and if nothing else, honestly, this is the time for the minority leader to stand up and and lead the charge on that. I mean, I appreciate the great work. Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing, but we need Kevin McCarthy to step up to the plate and lead the charge. Steve Scalise as well.

REP. NORMAN: [01:06:13] You know, you’re exactly right. Oh, this should not be a Democrat Republican issue. This is a basic rights issue that we ought to all be joining with. And I don’t expect the Democrats to because they are in lockstep with with Miss Pelosi, and they’re worried about what will happen to them if they buck her. But all the Republicans ought to stand up. And now it’s gotten to the point of being that this is political prisoners is the right word for it, and it should not happen in America.

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