Jew-Haters Rally at University of Memphis

I’m ashamed to say that there are Jew-haters lurking in the shadows of my hometown.

Several dozen University of Memphis students held a rally and a march in support of the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered young people attending a music festival, massacred entire families and beheaded babies.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” the students chanted as they marched through campus waving Palestinian flags. That chant has become symbolic of those wanting to destroy the nation of Israel.

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One of the speakers condemned Gov. Bill Lee for his decision to lower state flags in memory of those who were slaughtered by the Muslim terrorists.

“Flags over the Tennessee State Capitol will be flown at half-staff through Friday in remembrance of the innocent Israeli & American lives lost during the horrific terrorist attacks,” the governor wrote in a social media post.

The governor added that Tennessee “continues to stand in unwavering support & solidarity with Israel.”

“Tennessee will always stand by our friends & allies in Israel, & we support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorists,” he said.

Those comments triggered the pro-Hamas crowd at the University of Memphis.


“This statement stigmatizes us and reinforces negative stereotypes and misconceptions in context of Palestinians,” one student protester said, accusing Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing and taking land away from the Palestinians.

She also appeared to defend the mass slaughter of innocent Israelis.

“There is no such thing as innocent civilians under the context of settler colonialism,” she said. “Palestinian resistance and the genocide of ethic cleansing of their land and their people is not terrorism.”

The administration at the University of Memphis announced that flags on the campus would also be flown at half-staff “in remembrance of the innocent Israeli lives lost during the horrific terrorist attacks and as a mark of Tennessee’s unwavering support and solidarity with Israel.”

One of the protest organizers said the university’s position was a “disgrace” and had offended “many Muslims in Memphis” who call the university home.

“This is the school we fight to get into because of its diversity and common ground with the students they accept,” the Muslim wrote on social media. “This is the university that’s had hundreds of Palestinian graduates and taken our money for education. No matter what their words say we will always stand stronger through the oppression.”

She then warned that the university’s statement “will not go through without us educating them about the truth.”

Well, permit me to drop a few truth bombs on the terrorist sympathizers at the University of Memphis.

The truth is that Hamas has slaughtered innocent families. They beheaded babies. They burned children alive. And they want to literally wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

The University of Memphis should publicly rebuke and condemn those who marched on campus. There’s no place for Jew-haters at the University of Memphis.

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