Killer of Republican Teenager Used Biden’s Rhetoric, says Trump

President Biden doubled down on his disgust for conservatives — telling a crowd of Democrats that all MAGA Republicans are a threat to the country. He said we are extremists. 

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President Biden doubled down on his disgust for conservatives — telling a crowd of Democrats that all MAGA Republicans are a threat to the country. He said we are extremists. 

Is Biden's rhetoric endangering the lives of conservatives?

The same language used a few days ago when a North Dakota man mowed down Republican teenager Cayler Ellingson. 

Shannon Joseph Brandt, 41, was charged Monday in Foster County District Court with criminal vehicular homicide. He reportedly told investigators that he committed the crime because he thought the boy was a Republican extremist.

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However, the North Dakota Highway Patrol says there is no evidence to back up that accusation. 

STARNES: It’s true. On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line is our good friend and great American patriot, President Donald Trump. Mr. President, a few days ago we got word, I know Fox News has been covering this. We’ve been talking about it. This 18-year-old kid from North Dakota, a Republican, the guy who mowed him down, accused him of being part of a Republican extremist group. That’s the same language that Joe Biden used during that Darth Brandon speech in Philadelphia. 

TRUMP: Yeah, they say he got a lot of language, a lot of his hatred maybe from that speech. I mean, it was such a terrible speech in so many ways, including delivery. I think delivery was a big part of it. It was such a horrible setup with the lights, the red light that CNN turned pink because they didn’t like the look. They thought it was too, you know what. And it was a terrible thing. Well, that’s the way they are. And that’s the true Democrat. I mean, I never saw Biden that much. He was never an upstanding person. I never saw Biden like he’s turned out to be. He’s turned out to be far worse than Bernie Sanders. Actually, Bernie Sanders cannot believe what’s happening. Somebody told me the other day that Bernie Sanders isn’t believing this whole thing. Yesterday he spoke at the United Nations, Biden did, and all he wanted to talk about was climate change. Now, the big climate change, the thing that’s going to change the climate is a nuclear weapon if we’re not careful and we’re going to end up in World War III if we’re not careful. He talked about that for about 2 seconds. And then he goes on about climate change is the biggest threat and the whole place is rolling their eyes. It’s crazy what’s happening. 

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Since 2016 the Democrats and Mainstream Media have waged an ugly smear campaign against Republicans. 

They’ve used their platforms to accuse conservatives of being deplorable and bitter, white supremacists, dregs of society, Christian nationalists. And most recently by the president of the United States  calling Trump supporters — fascists and extremists. 

And we know for a fact that the alleged killer of Cayler Ellingson used their politically charged language as an excuse to snuff out the 18-year-old’s life. 

Former President Trump expressed disgust at Biden’s violent rhetoric during an interview on my national radio program.

“They say he (the North Dakota killer) got a lot of language, a lot of his hatred from maybe that speech,” Trump said, referring to Biden’s “Darth Brandon” address in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

An argument could be made that President Biden and the media should be charged as an accessory to the crime. 

That evidence is overwhelming.

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