Lawmakers, Security Experts Have Grave Fears of ‘Black Swan Event’ on American Soil

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A caravan of more than six thousand people is making its way to the Texas border. This – as the U.S. Border Patrol reports a spike in attempted border crossings – more than 10,000 per day.

Millions of illegals have violated our borders – as crossings are at historic numbers.

Instead of being sent back to where they came from, the illegals are being given food, shelter, medical care and plane tickets.

Congressman Ralph Norman of South Carolina tells me that thousands of illegal aliens are being flown to cities and towns across the nation courtesy of the American taxpayers. Norman said one pilot reached out to him from a major American air carrier and was very disturbed about the illegals who he was being forced to board his plane. He said the illegals had no ID and had not been medically vetted.

And at the airport in Tucson there’s a sign posted – directing illegals to a line for people without passports. American citizens with documents are being manhandled by TSA agents on a daily basis while illegals without any documentation are being allowed to board jetliners.

Meanwhile, there are growing fears in the media and the political world of terrorist attacks in the homeland. Catherine Herridge, the CBS News journalist, said Sunday she is concerned about a black swan event in 2024.

Customs and Border Patrol issued a memorandum two weeks ago warning agents to be on the alert for Improvised explosive devices – IED’s. At least ten have already been found near the border.

And just three weeks ago, FBI Director Christopher Wray told senators he has never seen a time when there were so many threats against the United States. He said the FBI is working around the clock to identity and disrupt potential attacks.

Maybe Mr. Wray should consider pulling agents off conservative parents, pro-lifers and law-abiding gun owners – and focus on the clear and present danger facing the nation.

The Democrats tell us that the illegals are escaping horrifying atrocities in war-torn countries. If that’s the case – why are the illegals leaving the women and children behind? Most of the people crossing our border are young men of military age – wearing trendy clothes, expensive shoes and just about everyone has a smart phone.

I believe we are watching a coordinated effort by our enemies to infiltrate our nation with a covert army. A number of congressional lawmakers tell me they believe sleeper cells are already in the country – just waiting to be activated. It’s not a matter of if – but when. That’s what our elected leaders are telling us.

And fair warning, folks. The Oct. 7th terrorist attack in Israel did not start in the big cities. Instead, the invaders targeted small towns and border communities.

A sobering thought as  President Biden and the Neo-Cons seem more interested in protecting Ukraine’s border than our own.

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution says the federal government must protect states against invasion. For that alone, President Biden should be impeached. But we need to deal with the more pressing issue – and that’s where state legislatures must step up and intervene.

If Washington will not act, the border states must. Otherwise, we may not have a country to save.

Do you fear a civil war in America?

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