Los Angeles Mayor Threatens To Shut Off Water, Power to Party Houses

Eric Garcetti – the mayor of Los Angeles – has a message for local citizens: turn out the lights – the party’s over.

“While we have already closed all bars and nightclubs, these large house parties have essentially become nightclubs,” said the mayor.

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The mayor then announced a massive crackdown on house parties and large gatherings.

He called out young people in Hollywood Hills and Calabasas for flagrant violations of health orders.

The mayor had already shut down bars and night clubs – leading enterprising young people to migrate to house parties.

So the Department of Public Health officially announced that house parties are now illegal.

And they mayor threatened to shut off power and electricity to any home that hosts a large gathering.

“You’re breaking the law. Just as we can shut down bars breaking alcohol laws,” he said, “in places that are in criminal violations, we can shut them down.”

Government leaders in California have been especially tyrannical in recent days – shutting down church services and beaches.

And in the early days of the pandemic – a paddle boarder was arrested – in the Pacific Ocean.

On election day let us hope voters remember that Democrats are party poopers.