Male Golfer Wins Women’s Championship, Could Qualify for LPGA

A man golfer is one step closer to qualifying for the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour.

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A male golfer is one step closer to qualifying for the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour.

Hailey Davidson, a man cosplaying as a woman, won the NXXT Women’s Classic in Florida. The tournament’s mission is to “empower women in golf.”

“If there are no differences between men & women, why does the LPGA exist? Seriously,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “Just one Leftist should answer honestly.”

It’s unclear whether Davidson played the tournament from the men’s tees or the ladies.

“Honestly this one came as a bit of a surprise to me,” Davidson wrote on Instagram. “Being 3 shots back with two holes to play I got myself into a playoff after sticking it to 3 feet on the 18th hole.”

“A huge thank you to @nxxtwomensprotour [NXXT Women’s Pro Golf Tour] for putting on a great event and @missionresort [Mission Inn Resort] for hosting us!”

Davidson qualified for the LPGA tour in 2021 after undergoing hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery. He claims to have experienced a decrease in “club head speed” as a result of his gender mutilation surgery.

Megyn Kelly was one of the few conservative pundits who rightly corrected conservative news agencies that used the wrong pronouns to identify the man wearing a golf skirt.

“The correct pronoun is HE. He won. Not she,” Kelly wrote on X. “This is a great example of how using ‘preferred’ pronouns obfuscates the offense. If a’ she’ had won there’d be no problem. PRONOUNS ARE A GATEWAY DRUG to a very sick ideology.”

As I write in my upcoming book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” there is a disturbing movement to completely erase all traditional gender roles. Click here to read my book.

Should men be allowed to participate in women's sports?

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