Michigan GOP Faces Death Threats, Cancels Watch Party

The Michigan Republican Party abruptly canceled a election night celebration after they were deluged with death threats.

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Michigan Republicans planned to celebrate their candidates Tuesday night at Kelly’s Downtown, an Irish pub on South Washington Square.

Threats included potential deadly attacks against staff members and the party headquarters on Seymour Avenue in Lansing. It escalated Tuesday morning with a man shouting at female staff members, threatening to shoot them while saying he “wanted to enslave women” and burn down the building. 

“The female staffer that was verbally assaulted has worked at the party for 10 years and had never seen this type of violence,” Portela said. 

Jordan Gulkis, a spokesperson for the Lansing Police Department, said the department responded to the incident at party headquarters around 7:42 a.m. this morning. 

“When officers arrived the accused was not there. Lansing police officers maintained contact with someone from the address to make sure the accused did not return. All future shifts are notified to pay special attention to that area,” she said in a statement.

Detroit Free Press

No arrests have been made, she said. 

The Michigan Republican Party released a statement saying they would not be deterred.

“No type of violence against women should ever be tolerated,” they wrote in a statement.

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