Minneapolis Mob Pulls Trucker From Tanker and Beats Him in Street

Minneapolis police say they arrested the driver of a tanker truck after he drove through a protest that was being held on an interstate highway.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says the roadway had been closed and it’s not known why the driver was on the interstate. No one protesting on the highway was injured.

Witnesses told television station KARE the truck driver had been honking his horn as he moved through the crowd.

“We could hear his horn,” the protester said. “He was holding the horn down the entire time.”

The crowd swarmed the truck and pulled the driver out — he was severely beaten. Police say he was treated at a hospital and then taken into custody.

There’s no word on whether this driver intentionally tried to run over the mob or whether he was simply on the roadway trying to deliver whatever he was hauling.

Normally, it is legal for trucks to be on the highway and it’s illegal for pedestrians to block the highway.

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