Mom Says Teachers Pushed Daughter to Become Boy

Teachers at a California school allegedly pressured a middle school girl to change her gender, name, and pronouns behind her parent’s back.

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Jessica Konen moved her 11-year-old daughter to another school district, alleging two teachers and the school’s principal within the Spreckels Union School District violated state law that guarantees due process to parents in raising their kids.

The California mom first noticed the change when her daughter began researching homosexuality, bisexuality, gender-fluidity, and transgender procedures.

“It made me extremely angry, and now I’m taking action for that,” Konen told Fox News Tuesday. “I’m going to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore.”

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who represents Konen, said they would pursue legal action if the school district didn’t comply with their demands.

“This is predatory behavior,” said Dhillon, the CEO of The Center for American Liberty in San Francisco. She described the teachers groomed the child to “bind her breasts” and take other medical action without parental consent.

“When you’re trying to seek who you are, let [kids] do it on their own time,” the mom said. “You don’t need someone else to coach them and convince them, and she felt like she could breathe for the first time, and I’m gonna make sure she continues to breathe,” said Konen. 

Konen said her daughter has since re-identified as a girl and has relaxed more doing remote learning at home.

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Superintendent Eric Tarallo told Fox the teachers were placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

Teachers Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki discussed stalking students’ online searches and behavior to recruit them into LGBT clubs in leaked audio, which one of the teachers confirmed.

“Their parents think we start that conversation, but we don’t,” Caldeira told the San Francisco Chronicle. “TikTok starts it, Snapchat starts it, Instagram starts it or their classmates start it, and then we just try to answer the questions as honestly and fairly as we can.”

Dhillon said she’s heard heartbreaking stories from other families who’ve reached out to her saying it’s “too late” for them to help undo the damage school officials concealed from them.

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