Muslims Cause Christmas Eve Mayhem in Small Tennessee Town

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted Christmas Eve shopping at Carriage Crossing in Collierville, a small suburban town near Memphis.

“They think they can commit a whole genocide and we’d stay quiet,” one Memphis Muslim wrote on social media. “Block by block, they’ll stop and watch as we blast our music and remind them where the man they’re celebrating was from.”

“But one day, they’ll remember where they stood as the shadows of genocide silently unfolded before their eyes,” the Muslim wrote. “They’ll remember and we won’t forget.”

Now that sounds like a threat to me, folks. Watch the video below:

A number of KWAM News Radio listeners shared video and photographs of the masked protesters speeding through the parking lots, screaming, honking horns and waving Palestinian flags.

“You should be ashamed,” the mostly Muslim mob screamed at holiday shoppers.

It was part of a car rally for Palestine that started in the parking lot of the Memphis Islamic Center in Cordova and ended at Carriage Crossing, a popular, outdoor shopping district.

One KWAM listener said the crowd “clogged the streets to prevent shopper ingress/egress and unleashed individual terrorists out to run up and down the sidewalks with Palestinian flags.”

“As a Collierville citizen I strongly believe and support the First and Second Amendment rights of every American citizen,” conservative leader Justin Johnson told KWAM. “Protests should not be intrusive and dangerous to drivers, shoppers or the protestors.”

“This was irresponsible and not appropriate for the time (Christmas Eve) or place (Carriage Crossing on a public street—blocking traffic),” he said. “As a Christian I support Israel and their sovereign right to defend themselves against the barbaric terrorist attack from Hamas.”

A number of people were stunned that a mob of protesters would target a small, peaceful community like Collierville.

“No one is safe anymore — even in a place like Collierville,” said another KWAM listener.

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Are you concerned about terrorism in Small Town USA?

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