My Message to Thugs Who Burn American Flags

Anti-Semites are staging protests across the nation – from the Golden Gate Bridge to Starbucks.

In New York City protesters burned the American flag and chanted, “Death to America.”

Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge was stopped for more than five hours – motorists were trapped – unable to get to work. In Chicago, airline passengers were forced to abandon their cars on the interstate after pro-Hamas protesters blocked the interstate.

I’d like for someone to explain how stopping someone from missing their Southwest Airlines flight is going to advance the cause of the people of Gaza? Will they declare a cease fire just because a blue-haired, pronoun-confused gal twerked on a Tesla in San Francisco? It’s unlikely.

Senator Tom Cotton, the Republican from Arkansas, suggested that Americans take matters into their own hands.

It’s against the law to block bridges and highways, so why aren’t these people being arrested? If they had been wearing red MAGA hats, waving Trump flags you’d better believe the National Guard would’ve been called out and everyone would have been thrown in jail.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa and anti-Semites are allowed to burn down our cities, loot our stores and block our roads without fear of prosecution. That’s because they represent the Democrat Party’s political muscle – the goon squad. Meanwhile, Biden has unleashed the FBI on pro-life families, law-abiding gun owners and Catholic churches.

Tens of thousands of brave men and women put on the uniform of this country. They took our flag into battle. And many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. And to see a bunch of filthy animals burning our flag in the streets of American cities, chanting, “death to America,” – well, that’s just too much for me to stomach.

I will say this – it’s just too bad a group of Marines were not on hand when the anti-Semites set Old Glory on fire. Seems to me if freedom and liberty are so repulsive – the pro-Hamas crowd is more than welcome to book a flight to whatever third world war zone tickles their fancy.

This is America. Love it or Leave it.

I want to urge you to read my new book. It’s called Twilight’s Last Gleaming:  Can America Be Saved? Available at your favorite bookstore.

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