‘They Would’ve Beaten Her to a Pulp’ NYC Leader Condemns Teens Who Targeted Pro-Israel Teacher

A Jewish high school teacher was forced to lock herself in an office as hundreds of “radicalized” students rioted while attempting to hunt her down, the New York Post first reported.

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The veteran teacher at Hillcrest High School in Queens feared for her life as the students rampaged through the hallways and vandalized the building.

“They were so angry and out of control, I think they would have beaten it to a pulp,” NYC Councilwoman Vickie Paladino told Todd Starnes on his Newsmax television program. Judging by what you see and the degree – the temperature that everybody is set at right now – is so off the charts that it’s out of control. It was an out of control mob. They could not be controlled. You’re talking about 400 kids. 400 taking over.”

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The students were reportedly triggered by a Facebook post that showed the teacher at a rally holding a sign supportive of the nation of Israel.

It was not clear what the pro-Hamas students would have done if they had captured the pro-Israel teacher.

“The teacher was seen holding a sign of Israel, like supporting it,” a senior told The Post this week. “A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot.”

New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino condemned the rioting teenagers and accused them of being terrorists.

“Terrorism is violence against civilians to achieve a political goal. And that’s what we saw in one of our public schools, against a teacher whose only offense was being Jewish and peacefully expressing her support for Israel on her own time,” she wrote on X.

The NYPD sent several dozen officers along with the counter terrorism task force, city councilman James Gennaro (D-Queens) told the newspaper.

“Whether it was one student or multiple students who did or said something, whatever the trigger was, something happened. And I know from my many years on the City Council that the counterterrorism task force is not engaged unless they believe it is potentially a serious situation,” Gennaro said.

The teacher said she was horrified by what had happened.

“I have been a teacher for 23 years in the New York City public school system — for the last seven at Hillcrest High School. I have worked hard to be supportive of our entire student body and an advocate for our community, and was shaken to my core by the calls to violence against me that occurred online and outside my classroom last week.”

Students reportedly spit on the teacher, harassed her at her private home and went so far as to call her a “cracker ass.”

The district said they were disturbed.

“We are aware of the completely unacceptable incident that occurred at Hillcrest High School last week, and our safety team is actively collaborating with the superintendent and principal to fully investigate the matter and protect the safety of both students and staff,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “No form of hate,  whether it be antisemitism Islamophobia, or other form of bigotry will be tolerated in our schools.”

That’s not good enough. Students who participated in the riot should be expelled from school and charged with federal hate crimes. And those living in this country illegally should be sent back to their home countries.

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