NYC to Spend $1 Billion to House Illegals; Chicago to Build Massive Tent City

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New York City says they are going to spend more than a billion dollars to house illegal aliens. And that only includes hotel rooms. 

It does not include food, healthcare or education. 

The New York Post reports “scores of migrants have been sleeping on the floor of an old bar at the Big Apple’s Roosevelt Hotel shelter for days — as the first wave of asylum seekers were being booted from city sites under its stay-limit rule.”


Citizens of both political parties are furious. One calling it a boondoggle. Others are demanding to know why men of military age are being cared for at taxpayer expense.

“New York City has cared for more than 65,000 migrants – sheltering, feeding, and caring for them, and we have done so largely without incident,” Press Secretary Fabien Levy told CNN.

“We need the federal government to step up, but until they do, we need other elected officials around the state and country to do their part. New York City is out of space and we’re only asking Orange County to manage approximately one-fourth of 1% of the asylum seekers who have come to New York City, with New York paying for shelter, food, and services,” Levy said.

Chicago plans to spend nearly $30 million to build a winterized base camp for illegals. Many minority residents are enraged – and told the mayor to build a wall around the city. 

“How could you do that without consulting us,” a resident said in response. “Build the wall. Make a border.”

It won’t be terribly long until both cities are transformed into giant slums – much like you would find in third-world nations.

But just as concerning is the fact there are millions of Americans who are homeless. Veterans who live on the streets. 

And every dollar we spend taking care of illegal aliens is one less dollar being spent on less fortunate American citizens. 

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