Police Chief: Hey Parents, If Your Kid Commits a Felony, You’re Going to Jail, Too

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The Batesville Police Department is playing hardball with the parents of underage criminals.

In recent days the Mississippi town near Memphis has been hit hard by juveniles breaking into cars.

“If they find a vehicle that is unlocked, they are going through them and looking for money, guns, and valuables to take. If keys are left in the vehicle, they are stealing the vehicles as well,” the department warned in a Facebook post.

Police Chief Kerry Pittman warned kids that if they break the law they will be hunted down and punished.

“We are going to figure out who you are and when we do, you will be charged with the crimes you have committed,” the chief said.

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But the chief also had a warning for parents. If you raise a hoodlum – you, too, are going to jail.

“Parents and guardians of the juveniles, when your juvenile is charged with these crimes, please be advised that you are going to also be charged with Contributing to Delinquency or Neglect of a Child,” the chief said.

Moms and dads will also be responsible for any damages occurred during the commission of their child’s crime.

“Be advised that if your child commits a felony, your charges will also be a felony,” the police chief said. “These crimes will not be tolerated and suspects will be charged to the fullest extent that the law allows.”

It’s about time that a police department starts cracking down on parents who aren’t raising their kids right. It doesn’t take a village to raise your young’uns. It takes a mom and a dad.

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