Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Beating Father Who Tried to Drown 6-month-old Daughter

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A Missouri police chief pleaded guilty to beating the living daylights out of a man who confessed that he had tried to drown his six-month-old daughter.

Greg Hallgrimson, 51, the former chief of the Greenwood Police Department, admitted that he punched Jonathon Zicarelli in the face while the man was handcuffed and restrained.

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In December 2018 Zicarelli showed up at the police station and told officers he’d drowned his daughter in a nearby pond.

Hallgrimson and Cpl. Thomas Calhoun raced to the pond and found the infant floating face-up in the frigid water. One of the officers jumped into the water and saved the child.

“Jonathon stated he took the actions because he was trying to make it easier on his wife,” Calhoun wrote. “Jonathon confessed he drove to the pond, parked his car (and) walked down to the pond three separate times, trying to determine if he could kill the child before placing the baby in the water and watching the child sink prior to leaving.”

According to court documents, Hallgrimson yanked Zicarelli from the chair onto the floor, causing his eyeglasses to fly off his face. The chief then got on top of the handcuffed man and began pummeling him and screaming at him.

“You deserve to die,” Hallgrimson said, according to the Star.

Hallgrimson was indicted in 2019 on a federal charge of depriving Zicarelli of his civil rights. Zicarelli, 31, is awaiting trial on felony charges of child abuse and domestic assault.

The accused suspect got everything he deserved, says KWAM Radio host Chett Hopper.

“That guy had that coming,” Hopper said. “If you are a low life scum bag who tries to drown a six month old baby and you get punched in the mouth – that’s as fair as it gets.”

I agree.

“Instead of showing up and having to resign, he should’ve gotten two medals and a lifetime supply of whiskey at the bar of his choice,” Hopper said. “He’s getting a Chett medal for sure.”

Well said.

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