Portland Rioters Burn American Flag, Topple George Washington Statue

Protesters in Portland, Oregon toppled a statue of President George Washington and draped a burning American flag over the ruins.

Profane messages were spray painted on the base of the statue, “F*** cops,” “You’re on Native Land,” “White Fragility.”

On Sunday, protesters defaced and toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson outside a Portland high school.

This is not a random occurrence. What happened in Portland is part of a national movement to turn our history into rubble.

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The Cancel Culture’s ultimate goal is to complete President Obama’s fundamental transformation of the nation.

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If they can convince a generation of American young people that our nation was founded by a bunch of racist slave owners, they make the argument that our nation is illegitimate.

And once they destroy all of the statues of our Founding Fathers, what’s to stop them from doing the same thing to the Founding Documents they wrote?