Pro-Lifers Suffer MASSIVE Defeat in Ohio, Abortion at Birth Now Enshrined in Constitution

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Ohio voters sent a resounding message to the nation: the Buckeye State is overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

Ohioans voted in landslide numbers to amend the state’s constitution to enshrine a woman’s right to kill her baby up to the child’s birth date.

“If you look at Issue 1, it’s a radical proposal, and whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, it just goes much, much too far. It would enshrine in our Constitution the right to have an abortion up until birth, any time during the pregnancy,” Republican Gov. Mike DeWine told Fox News.

The governor said the amendment would negate Ohio’s law that we’ve had on the books for many, many years that prohibits partial birth abortion.

“Second thing it would do is threaten a law we had on the books for many years requiring parental consent if we’re dealing with a minor. The lawyers who wrote this were mindful for what they were doing. It is a radical proposal that does not fit Ohio,” the governor added.

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Life News reports the pro-abortion side dominated fundraising – with reports towards the end of the election showing that they had 3-1 fundraising advantage over pro-life groups.

The out of state dark money and millions from leftists like George Soros, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood allowed the pro-abortion side to dominate TV and online with blatantly false commercials that further angered liberal voters and drove them to the polls in higher numbers.

The Associated Press (AP) reported last Thursday that since September 8, the pro-abortion “yes” side in the referendum has raised almost three times more money than the pro-life “no” side: $29 million compared to less than $10 million. Much of the money for the pro-abortion side — likely over $50 million by the time it’s said and done — came from out of state and even out of the country while major pro-life donations came from within Ohio.

AP indicated that “the largest donations” supporting the pro-abortion “yes” campaign came from outside of Ohio. This included “three gifts totaling $5.3 million from the progressive Sixteen Thirty Fund, based in Washington, D.C.”


There is growing concern among conservatives that the Republican party and the pro-life movement is dealing with a major messaging and strategy problem in the post-Roe v. Wade world.

This marks the eighth time that abortion has been on a state ballot since Roe v. Wade was overturned and this is the eighth time that pro-lifers suffered major defeats at the ballot box.

Many Millennial and Gen Z pastors have disengaged their churches from the culture war battles. They have taken great strides to make sure their pulpits don’t offend. The influence of the church has been neutralized. That’s why an overwhelming majority of Ohioans just enshrined birth date abortions in their state constitution. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

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