Pro-Muslim Mob Shuts Down Mississippi River Bridge in Memphis, 1000’s of Motorists Stranded

A pro-Muslim, anti-Israel mob shut down both lanes of Interstate 40 across the Mississippi River in Memphis Saturday causing a massive traffic jam. Thousands of motorists in Arkansas and Tennessee were stranded on the interstate and bridge for hours.

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The mob chanted “Allahu Akbar” and carried Palestinian flags as they marched from City Hall in downtown Memphis to the bridge on-ramps. They also chanted, ‘From the river to the sea…”

“Absolutely disgrace but typical weak Memphis,” said one KWAM News Radio listener. “I was coming home from the Tigers game back to Arkansas and we got caught in this. There is NO reason to let these people get away with doing this! I am so disgusted by Memphis and so sick of this continued rot!”

KWAM News Radio reporter Ben Deeter was on an afternoon run in downtown when he noticed the mob gathering at City Hall. He followed the protesters as they marched to the bridge.

Deeter said law enforcement made no effort to stop the protesters from walking onto the bridge ramps.

Memphis Police said they received calls about a disturbance on the bridge at 3:10 p.m. central time. The protesters blocked traffic east and westbound. To make matters worse, the only other bridge across the river had been shut down for repairs.

KWAM News Radio host Earle Farrell was returning from a fishing trip and was stuck on the Arkansas side of the bridge.

“There are 5,000 motorists who are ready to physically remove them from the bridge,” Farrell said during the radio station’s live coverage.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office assisted in clearing the bridge and it reopened to traffic late into the evening. 

“There were no arrests made today in connection with the protest,” the police said in a statement. 

Citizens were outraged and demanded to know who gave orders not to arrest the domestic terrorists who trapped innocent motorists on the interstate. 

“Amazing. Who is in charge of Memphis? I imagine they knew ahead of time so they just removed themselves ….. cowardly move. Unprofessional. Pure Memphis way,” said one KWAM listener. 

“Mayor Paul Young clearly demonstrates his lack of leadership skills as well as his lack of courage,” another listener said. “He’s off to a great start!”

Young, who was inaugurated in January, was AWOL during today’s bridge takeover. Police Chief CJ Davis, who has been under intense pressure due to the crime wave, was also AWOL.

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders commended law enforcement for clearing the bridge. 

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