Pro-Trump School Board Candidate Attacked Near Memphis

A pro-Trump school board candidate was accosted on the street and spat upon in Germantown, Tennessee. Todd spoke with Carrie Schween about the disgusting attack. Listen to the full interview above. Transcript is below.

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STARNES [01:17:53] Welcome back to the Todd Starnes Radio Show. So glad to have you with us today. I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We have a very special guest. Her name is Carrie Schween and she is running for the school board in Germantown, Tennessee, which is the town that I live in. And Carrie, I have to tell you right away and we’re going to get into your story, I was shocked to discover that Germantown, at least from the elected official perspective, is run by liberals.

SCHWEEN [01:19:50] And that’s absolutely correct. And I was shocked as well. And that’s exactly why I stepped up to run.

STARNES [01:19:57] So you’re a member of the Moms for Liberty Group, and we love the great things that organization is is doing. And you decided to run for school board. Now, I want to give you a little backstory before we get into what happened to you over the weekend. But I understand that President Trump was really instrumental in getting you involved in politics. Is that right?

Can public schools be saved?

SCHWEEN [01:20:20] President Trump.

STARNES [01:20:22] That’s right.

SCHWEEN [01:20:24] Yes. Yes. I’ve always been a huge admirer of Trump and supported him. And so absolutely, he’s been a big inspiration. And I’m very sad to see that he’s not in office right now, but 2024 is going to be our year.

STARNES [01:20:41] So you’re a lifelong resident. You have deep ties there. You went to school here and your kids are currently going to Germantown Schools. What was it that compelled you to to throw your hand in the ring and decide, you know what, I’m going to run for the school board?

SCHWEEN [01:20:57] Yeah, that’s a great question. So I am not a politician. I work in the community. I’m a professional. I’m a mom of three. But really, I mean, the national headlines are here in Germantown, and that is exactly why I stepped up to run. And it scared me for my children and this community and parents are losing control of our children’s values and morals, and these outside forces have to be stopped.

STARNES [01:21:24] What do you mean by national headlines?

SCHWEEN [01:21:27] Well, what we see that’s going on that happened in Florida with the school board elections there, how those were overturned, that’s exactly what needs to happen in Germantown, Tennessee.

STARNES [01:21:38] Now, I know that some of the big national issues like critical race theory and the the LGBT stuff, is that happening in Germantown schools as well?

SCHWEEN [01:21:48] Absolutely. We’re seeing gender, sexuality, emotional learning. It’s very present and, you know, the day to day curriculum. I’m a conservative Christian and I want to have a voice on the board of Education and, you know, be a strong voice for parents.

STARNES [01:22:12] So, no, I get it. I’m with you 1,000%. And I think there are a lot of parents like you across the country. And they saw what happened in Florida. They saw what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, and they said, hey, you know, we don’t want our kids exposed to that kind of nonsense in the classroom. And if that means I’ve got to step up to the plate and I’ve got to run for office, I’m going to do it. And that’s what you did.

SCHWEEN [01:22:35] Yeah. I mean, I find that, you know, that parents, especially in Germantown, we find ourselves in the greatest struggle of our time, the struggle to have our voice heard and to exercise our right. To push back against the overreaches of government. And, you know, I thought that I you know, I could not sleep at night not putting my name in the hat for this election.

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STARNES [01:23:00] I hate to break it to you, but I’ve been on the the social media boards and all that kind of stuff. And man, the establishment in Germantown, they do not like you.

SCHWEEN [01:23:11] Well, that that is very concerning. My faith has definitely been attacked. And, you know, it is it’s very concerning that our city, we’ve already divided enough. But, you know, the small community of Germantown, you know, it’s definitely not been very fair to me.

STARNES [01:23:32] Well, and I suspect they’re going to they’re going to have a wakeup call on Election Day when all of the good and true conservatives get out and vote in that school board election. So you’re out there over the weekend, and I want to get to this part of the story, which is why you’re on the show today. You’re out there doing what most candidates do on the weekend and you’re canvasing going door to door and passing out your literature. And I want you to tell our listeners what happened to you.

SCHWEEN [01:24:01] Right. So yesterday was a beautiful day in Memphis. It was burning, I think, around 80, like perfect weather. So I had a couple hours to go out and the door knob in between church and my son’s baseball game. So I took the advantage and I had a handful of my brochures. I went to a neighborhood a couple miles away from where I live and was just, you know, literally going door to door. The people answered the door. I would, you know, introduce myself, tell them what I’m about. As for their support, you know, listen to their story, see if they had any questions or concerns that I could answer. And then when, you know, a resident is not home or does not open the door, I just simply leave my information on their door. So I’ve been doing this, you know, really for about five weeks. And on yesterday, I was on a particular street and was actually headed back the opposite direction to my car. And I noticed a car was coming, my direction and was slowing down. So, you know, I immediately thought, okay, this person is going to stop and say something. The car pulled over and rolled down their window. And I was like, Hey, there, you know, I’m Carrie Schween. I’m running for school board in Germantown. And the woman was I could feel her negativity just like radiate through that car window. And she says, you know, I got your your material on my door. Don’t you ever come on my property again. I am not what you stand for. You’re what’s wrong with this country. And I was immediately like, oh, my God. You know, I was like shocked. I mean, I was a little bit, you know, just taken aback. I was immediately, you know, frightened. And then, lo and behold, she spit at me.

STARNES [01:25:53] Wait, she spit on you?

SCHWEEN [01:25:56] Yes, she absolutely did.

STARNES [01:25:59] And what happened at that? So. So she’s she’s going off, clearly, one of these leftist loons and she spits on you and what happens next?

SCHWEEN [01:26:08] Right. So then I say, you know, I’m not your candidate. And then she drove off. So then on stage, you know, sitting in the middle of the street, just kind of dumbfounded at what had happened. And like I said, I was just so taken off guard that, you know, this lady verbally attacked me and then, you know, spits on me. And I just had to my car was like, I have, you know, I got to get to a safe place, get to my car. So I get to my car and there’s a note underneath my windshield wiper. And if you don’t mind, I’ll just read you what it said.

STARNES [01:26:45] I am all ears here, Kerry. I am just blown away that this was happening in my town. Jeezaloo. All right. What did it. What are the notes say?

SCHWEEN [01:26:54] So in big black Sharpie letters, she wrote, “I do not support an idiot Trumper like you. Hope you lose you. You’re what’s wrong with this country.”

STARNES [01:27:08] Did the individual sign their name or was it just anonymous?

SCHWEEN [01:27:13] There was no signature or any information left, but it was written on one of my fliers on the back of my.

STARNES [01:27:20] What a bunch of cowards. Cowards.

SCHWEEN [01:27:25] Yes. So, you know, what she doesn’t know is that there’s, you know, fired me up to get my message out even more. And so I’m inspired to reach as many people that I need to. And I’m not afraid to go door knocking and, you know, get the word out.

STARNES [01:27:41] Yeah, that’s that’s what they want. I would probably where you remember the back at Wendy’s and the old day when they had the salad bar and they had the spit guard, you know, maybe maybe you could get one of those, you know, like Covid visors to wear just in case. Do we know who this woman is? I don’t want you to identify her, but, you know, have the police gotten involved?

SCHWEEN [01:28:03] Right. So the Germantown police have been incredible and they are actively involved.

STARNES [01:28:08] Good, good. Because again, you don’t know who this woman is and you don’t know if she could have some sort of a communicable illness or disease. You don’t know. I mean, that’s just that’s disgusting. But it’s also against the law. And we shouldn’t be tolerating that no matter where people live in America.

SCHWEEN [01:28:24] Yeah, I mean, and I’m with my children, I teach them to give grace and to love their neighbor. And, you know, for someone to do this, you know, in my own community, I mean, it’s just it’s just appalling.

STARNES [01:28:37] But I think, Carrie, the issue is that you have struck a nerve and that there are people and maybe they’re posers. They they say they’re conservative, but they’re really not. And we know that because a lot of these left wing school board policies that have been coming out from, you know, the China virus and the masks, all that kind of stuff, CRT and now the sex and gender stuff. I think a lot of people are waking up and I suspect you’re going to have a lot of support out there moving forward.

SCHWEEN [01:29:08] Well, I sure hope so, because early voting is just 23 days away. So it is crucial that I get my message out there and get people to register for vote, to vote and to actually go vote.

STARNES [01:29:41] All right. There you go. Well, Carrie, glad you’re okay. If I were you, I’d bring somebody out there with you up and bring a cast iron skillet and some bear spray that I’ll take care of that ought to take care of the attackers.

SCHWEEN [01:29:54] Absolutely.

STARNES [01:29:55] All right, Carrie. Good luck to you again, Carrie, for a Germantown dot com if you want to check out her website, a great conservative patriot running for school board in Tennessee. Carrie, appreciate it.

SCHWEEN [01:30:09] Thank you so much.

STARNES [01:30:12] Folks, can you believe that? Again, I mean, this is not Berkeley, California. It’s Germantown, Tennessee. I am going to talk to my realtor. I had no idea that I had moved into a leftist enclave. It makes Brooklyn look conservative, for crying out loud. Unbelievable. But the message here, folks, and pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you. It is dangerous out there for conservatives. Joe Biden and the Democrats have literally put targets on your backs.

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