Reckless Drivers Shut Down Major Interstate to do Donuts

A major Memphis roadway was shut down for nearly a half hour as armed thugs did donuts on Interstate 240.

Video obtained exclusively by television station Action 5 News shows drivers parking their cars on the interstate and blocking the roadway. They pulled out cell phones and filmed others doing donuts on the interstate. Watch video below.

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Frustrated and angry drivers are wondering why police did not shut down the shenanigans or arrest the motorists.

“I was very afraid,” Jeri Raburn told television station Action 5 News. “I was shaking; my heart was racing.”

“People are wearing masks and hoodies,” Raburn told the television station. “They’re just doing these donuts in front of us. I was afraid their car was going to hit us.”

It’s not the first time that Memphis roads have been shut down by thugs. And it’s also not the first time that Memphis police have turned a blind eye to the problem.

“I was coming home Saturday night when several cars flew past me at 100 miles per hr and turned onto I 240 off Sam Cooper,” one Memphian wrote on social media. “It was scary driving trying not to wreck because of folks that don’t care about anyone’s lives. And why is it they are always in Mustangs, Chargers and fast cars? But I got a ticket on I-240 going with traffic at 72 miles per hour! Memphis is a joke!!!”

“Memphis is completely out of control,” another wrote. “The police can no longer maintain order. Was in town last week and noticed a new MPD blue light tower in my hotel parking lot. When talking to another person staying there, he said his and 10 other cars were broken into two weeks earlier in the gated parking lot. It is the only city I carry my gun at all times and encourage my adult kids to do so as well.”

There’s a good reason why police probably don’t respond as quickly.

Memphis is controlled by a George Soros district attorney who is soft on crime. So even if an arrest was made it’s unlikely the offenders will do any jail time.

And second, the city council refuses to provide police the resources they need to keep the city safe.

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