REP. CHIP ROY: Border Patrol Does Not Have Resources to Stop Invasion

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As another massive caravan heads toward the southern border, the Biden administration is doing everything they can to stop border patrol from doing their jobs, Rep Chip Roy (R-TX) said on the Todd Starnes Show

TODD STARNES: [00:41:21] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line right now. Congressman Chip Roy joins us. Congressman, I thought you did a heck of a great job last night.

REP. CHIP ROY (R-TX): Well, thanks, Todd. Yeah, it’s always great to be on Shannon’s show. She does a great job presenting the facts… Doing a great job out there looking at the border. And look, we got to keep our attention on it. Everybody’s getting distracted by a lot of different news stories, but the border is still wide open and dangerous.

STARNES: And from the reporting we are seeing, they’re expecting another massive surge at the border in the coming days.

ROY: Yeah, there’s about 15,000 migrants kind of moving through Mexico. They started off down in Guatemala, down the northern triangle. They’re moving up. And frankly, it’s a pretty rambunctious group that are demanding that the President, demanding that Americans, you know, give them, ‘freedom and liberty coming into the United States.’ Now, you know, every single one of us wants America to be a beacon of hope to the world. But no one has a right to come across our sovereign borders, bum-rush our border, weaken us, distract border patrol, allow fentanyl to come into our borders, or allow cartels to be in power because they want to storm our border. I know Venezuela is bad. I know there’s bad parts in the world, but that’s what I was getting at with Shannon last night. Our strategy ought to be to secure the border, stop allowing people to flood in, get busy improving the Western Hemisphere and exporting the rule of law, and have a stronger Western Hemisphere to push back on China rather than allowing this lawlessness to occur.

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STARNES: And is there any hope that Border Patrol is going to be able to do that? Do they have the resources they need to push back and stop this invasion?

ROY: No, because they can’t do anything until there’s policies that actually give them the power to turn away. That’s the bottom line. Right now, the only power they have at all is the Title 42 power, which is hanging on by a very thin thread under one judge’s order. The administration wants to do away with that one last vestige of some degree of power for Border Patrol to turn people away. And so if you don’t give them that power, they got nothing. They literally are nothing more than a processing entity. You think you go through customs, right? You’ve got to go check-in and do all the stuff, that’s basically what they’re doing, except there’s no actual real structure. They come in, they get put in, they get processed, and they get released into the United States. In April, 234,000 apprehensions, 117,000 of them were released into the United States. All while 2,000 a day, 60,000, got away, that we even know of. That’s just an absurd way to do things.

STARNES: So I’m curious to get your take on this report out of Breitbart. Neil Munro is the author, says Mexico’s president is reviving calls for basically a superstate. He wants a continental superstate that would combine North American employees, South American employees, and quite frankly, sideline tens of millions of middle-class American citizens. He wants open borders.

Is Biden keeping our southern border secure?

ROY: Yeah, well, that’s obviously absurd on its face. Look, you want to have a conversation about how we can strengthen alliances in the Western Hemisphere and embrace the rule of law? We need to flex our muscles as a country. Whether it’s the Northern Triangle, whether it’s Venezuela, whether it’s all throughout North America and Mexico itself on our southern border, to embrace the rule of law. Mexico is barely not a full-blown narco terror state. That’s what it is. And if Mexico wants to, you know, be talking about changes, how about they get their own house in order? I think America can help get their house in order, but that requires addressing the fact that cartels are effectively terrorist organizations, knocking their knees out, cutting off their funding, and actually attack them where it’s appropriate, get the Mexican government to agree with us, and let’s solve this problem like adults instead of wandering around, clamoring like college students in some sort of thesis group.

STARNES: Congressman, I’m curious to get your take on whatever is going to happen on Thursday with this committee. The prime time hearings, they’ve hired the former president of ABC News to basically stage what, I don’t know, a reality TV show. I’ve never heard of anything like this.

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ROY: Well, you know, this really does, I think, shine a light on what has been the problem with this January 6th process from the beginning, Right. It’s been politicized from the beginning. This is why, you know, I oppose it, it’s why a lot of my colleagues opposed it. And, you know, last night I was going on Shannon, you know, I thank her for focusing on this important issue, the border. Because right now, the left and Democrats in this town and obviously a handful of Republicans have no problem going down the road of this sort of theater. Right. It’s political theater. Meanwhile, go read our friend Steve Deace who posted today an email thread from a January 6th target who walked through how his entire life was upended. He lost a six-figure job… He’s about to go to jail. He pled and he pled because he didn’t do anything wrong necessarily. But he pled to cut a deal. And how much they’re being targeted, like what? That’s what’s happening right now. This is political targeting, and it really is theater that’s unfolding in front of our eyes.

STARNES: And again, you know, we have seen the stories. We’ve seen the videos and the photographs of these January 6th suspects who are still in jail, for well over a year. They haven’t made bail. They’re not being given or granted bail, and they’re being treated worse than some killers, people who have gone out there and shot people in the streets. It’s unbelievable.

ROY: Well, that’s one of the things that I think people need to understand. I said at the time, you know, a year and a half ago in January, obviously, anybody that was carrying out violence and breaking into the Capitol and destroying things, or hurting people, or hitting people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I believed that then. I believe that now. But what we have here, is a number of people and, you know, we have to go sort through it all. But out of almost 800 people who’ve been arrested, targeted, are in jail, or they’ve been charged with a crime, a large number of them are pleading to things like parading. Now, okay, say what you want about whether they should have been in the Capitol and whether that was directed to disrupt the proceedings. Not necessarily a good way to do things. But should they be in jail for parading around the Capitol? If they didn’t hit anybody, didn’t break anything, they just walked in. And some of the cops were saying, go in. These are the questions that I think people, the average American, is asking. They see somebody punch a cop, they’re like, ‘yeah, you should probably go to jail.’ But they’re watching what’s happening here, where people are getting targeted for January 6th. And meanwhile, you’ve got criminals across our country running amok, getting let out of jail, killing people. You’ve got that guy who hit a woman with a stroller in Los Angeles and he gets five months at some like friggin camp! Because the D.A. there won’t prosecute bad guys. It’s absurd, and the American people are tired of it.

STARNES: Alright, Congressman, we’re going to leave it there. Appreciate the great info. And look, we’re paying attention to what’s happening on that border. The reality is we’ve got to get Republicans, in the majority, in Congress if we’re going to have any hope of fixing this.

ROY: Well, you need Republicans with a spine who will actually fight on spending and use the power of the purse. We can do that on September 30th and we ought to.

STARNES: Alright, Congressman, always good hearing from you. Chip Roy, everybody. Congressman, thank you.

ROY: God Bless. Take care, Todd.

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