DEVELOPING STORY: Shots were fired at a pro-Trump caravan making its way through Woodland Hills in Los Angeles County.

It happened one day after a pro-Trump supporter was killed in the streets of Portland, Oregon after a separate caravan rally.

KNX reporter Emily Valdez reports that the shots were fired from an apartment window on Ventura Blvd. Fortunately, there were no injuries. However, she reported that a tire on one of the vehicles was blown out.

A Los Angeles Daily News reporter said he was told by police that three men were throwing bottles at the caravan from a nearby building.

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“Moments later, someone called police saying the men had brandished a firearm and fired at least once at the caravan,” LAPD spokesman William Cooper told the newspaper.

Prior to the shooting video showed a number of cars and trucks driving through the area adorned with American flags and Trump 2020 flags. It appeared to be a festive mood.

The suspect is reportedly barricaded inside the apartment, the news radio station reports.

The Todd Starnes Show team has compiled video footage of what happened below: